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While the Arabs in Gaza and Judah and Samaria, are claiming Jerusalem as their capital, it is interesting to note some interesting facts: Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people since the ...

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The Shomron - Samaria - Israel's Higher Ground
The Shomron Liaison Office was established to provide the local, regional and international community with information on the Shomron.In an effort to increase and enhance our informational service... 
Thank you for your interest in supporting Israel, the Land of the Bible. May the Almighty God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, bless you bountifully as you bless Israel by your good works!

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Lev Haolam

About Us
This is a Solidarity Website created by Bible-believing Christians as an instrument of our love for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.
Our Mission is to raise awareness and financial support for the Jewish Pioneers in Israel who
are attempting to fulfill
the Biblical mandate to
"dwell in the Land.” 
These pioneers are being hindered and discouraged.   Increasingly they are being asked or ordered to give their Land over to a people group who have no right to live there legally or according to Scripture.
Jewish Pioneers are building, defending, sawing, planting & harvesting the ancient Land of their ancestors, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.  Despite Arab terrorist attacks, harassment by Israeli government's police & court system, atheist leftists & international pressure, these Patriots do not retreat!
There are many ways to support Israel:
1. Voice your support to friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, government representatives, fellow church members, religious leaders, etc.
2. Vote for elected officials who vigorously support Israel.
3. Donate financially to this organization.  The funds will then be forwarded to representatives on the ground in Israel.  They will assist the Pioneers with their material needs such as food, clothing, medical, transportation, education, defense, security, housing and building materials.
4. Buy products made in Israel.  Seek out Israeli products in your stores.  Ask store managers to carry more items that are "made in Israel."
5. Bless Israeli’s and spread hope by visiting their communities.   This shows that you are standing with them.  Also, your tourism dollars help their economy and provide for their families.
But there is more...
Why should America’s 52 million Bible believing Christians support their struggle?  Because they are doing God's work.  It is our duty, as Christians, to bless & support them.
  • The Holy Land is the spiritual center of mankind.   All of our Holy Places are there and must be protected, accessible & preserved for future generations.  One by one they are becoming controlled by Muslims.   Once in their possession these sites are desecrated & ruined like Joseph's Tomb in Shechem.  Tourists are harassed, intimidated or attacked.  Jews are murdered.
  • Gods curse hangs over each surrender; Sinai, South Lebanon, Gaza, Jericho, Bethlehem, Hebron.  Arab-populated cities become ramshackled, war-torn, violent terrorist hideouts.
  • Violent Arab nationalism & radical Islam can not be appeased by stealing Jewish Land at the expense of international security.  Despite misguided political schemes, people have been learning that giving in to violent radical forces will bring more 9/11s, Madrid, Bali, Beslan, London & Mumbai bombings & hostage-takings.   
Not an Inch of the Holy Land can be given away!
We are asking you to make a secure contribution of $20.00 today, to take
your personal stand for Israel. If you can give a larger gift, that will help even
more. But whatever you can offer, you will be making a vital difference.
Please Donate Now
This website was birthed on 6/6/2009, and is an ongoing, growing work in progress, as led and provided for by YHVH. Much will be added hereto as the days progress. If you have ideas or material that you feel would be beneficial to this cause, please forward to me at
Thank you!
Tom Robbins and other Volunteers
Merritt Island, Florida
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