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PM Netanyahu’s Address to the Christians United For Israel Jerusalem Summit 03/08/2010
Welcome to Jerusalem, the undivided, eternal capital of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.
Your presence here today represents a profound transformation in the relationship between Christians and Jews.  This transformation has its roots in the 19th century when the early Christian Zionists came to the Land Israel and when they began exploring the land of the Bible, when they began to yearn for the Jewish restoration in this land, the restoration of our numbers, the restoration of our sovereignty.
In fact, Christian Zionism preceded modern Jewish Zionism, and I think enabled it.  But it received a tremendous impetus several decades ago when leading American clergymen, among them most notably, Pastor John Hagee, a dynamic pastor and leader from Texas, began to say to their congregations and to anyone who listened, it’s time to take a stand with Israel.  It was time to take a stand with the sole democracy in the Middle East.  It was time to take a stand against the lies and the slander and the vilifications.  It was time to defend the Jewish state’s right to defend itself.
Today, Christians by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions, by the tens of millions – today they have heard this call, and they stand with Israel.  I salute you, the people of Israel salute you, the Jewish people salute you.
Time after time, through thick and thin, you have stood shoulder to shoulder with our state, and I have come here tonight to thank you for your unwavering friendship.  And today that friendship is more important than ever because Israel faces unprecedented challenges to its security and its legitimacy.
No security challenge is more important to our common future than preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  I have said before and I’ll say again, that the greatest threat facing mankind is the specter of a militant Islamic regime acquiring nuclear weapons, or the specter of nuclear weapons acquiring a militant Islamic regime.  The first is dangerously close to happening in Iran, and the second may or may not happen in Pakistan.  I believe that with the right policies both can be averted.
If Iran develops atomic weapons, the world would never be the same.  We would witness a cascade of terrorism across the globe as terrorists would operate under an Iranian nuclear umbrella.  Look at how much havoc, how much terror they sow now, when there is no such umbrella, and understand what can happen if Iran, their patron, sponsor, supplier and supporter, if that Iran had nuclear weapons.  Equally, the region’s vital oil supplies could be severely threatened and efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East would collapse as one regime after another would rush to acquire nuclear weapons of their own.  Worst of all, if nuclear weapons would be given to terrorists, or to terrorist states, a 65 year-old era of nuclear peace would be endangered for the first time.
Remember that for the tyrants in Tehran, Israel is only the little Satan.  In their eyes, America is the Great Satan.  America is their ultimate target.  Yet for Israel, the threat from Iran could not be clearer.  Iran’s leaders openly call for Israel’s destruction.  They brazenly deny the Holocaust and they hope, and they say so just about every other day, they hope to wipe Israel off the map of the Middle East.
We must not allow such a regime to threaten the peace of the world, the peace and security of all humanity.  All responsible members of the international community must do everything in their power to stop Iran from developing atomic weapons.
As we speak the United States is leading an international effort to impose sanctions on Iran.  We believe those sanctions must have teeth.  And to have teeth, they must bite deep into Iran's energy sector.  Simply put, they should prevent Iran from importing gasoline and from exporting oil.  I believe that such measures might convince the regime to choose between continuing the weapons program and between assuring the regime’s future.  But there must be tough, biting sanctions.
I said that we face great challenges to our security, but we also face unprecedented challenges to our legitimacy.  Now this assault on our legitimacy comes in many forms – it comes from the so-called human rights bodies in the UN which would deny Israel its legitimate right of self-defense, it comes by falsely charging Israel’s political and military leaders with imaginary war crimes, and it comes by the outrageous waging campaigns to boycott, divest and sanction Israel.  You are all familiar with that.
But I think that there is an even greater assault on our legitimacy.  I think it is the attempt to perpetrate one of the greatest lies of history -- to deny the connection between the people of Israel and the land of Israel; to cast the Jewish people as foreigners in the land of our forefathers.  Make no mistake about it.  The attempt to deny our history in this land is an attempt to deny our future in this land.   That is why to defend our past is to defend our future.
I ask you all to join us in this battle to defend the truth.  Remind them of Abraham and Isaac, remind them of Joshua and Samuel, remind them of David and Solomon.  Remind the world that the land of the Bible is not in the heavens but right here on earth.  And that the people of the Bible, are on the land of the Bible.
Let me tell you how I remind foreign officials of this connection of the Jewish people to our history and to this land.  You see, they visit my office.  And I say, Would you come and look at this little signet ring that I was given on loan from the Department of Antiquities?  It was found next to the Wall of the Second Temple, but it dates back to the First Temple.  It goes back some 2800 years ago, to the period of the Kings.  It is a signet seal of a Jewish official, and it has a name written in ancient Hebrew, which I can read.  The name is: Netanyahu.  Netanyahu Ben-Yoash.  I say, that’s my last name.  My first name, Benjamin, dates back 1000 years earlier, to Benjamin the son of Jacob, who also walked these hills.  That is our connection.  And nobody can deny the connection of the Jewish people to the Jewish land.
Israel faces great challenges.  We must prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  We must repel the assault on our legitimacy.  We must find a way to achieve peace with our neighbors.  We must all pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
After centuries in exile, I have come here to assure you, the people of Israel have come home and no force on earth will ever make us leave our home again.
Melva Lea Beacham
I was privileged to sit beside him on a flight home from Israel last year—that is, with the obligatory empty seat separating us. Jewish tradition holds that a rabbi is forbidden to sit next to a woman. I asked him his name. He smiled and answered, "Gavriel."
What a passionate young rabbi he was! We freely discussed the Scriptures from our different perspectives as well as the promised redemption of Israel and the coming of Messiah.
Three months later, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, 29, and his young, pregnant wife, Rivka, 28, were dead, savagely tortured in the Chabad House in Mumbai, India, by Islamic extremists.
I cannot adequately express my initial disbelief on hearing the news and my subsequent grief and outrage. Those few hours together on the plane with Gavriel had marked me.
This was not an isolated incident. Every day across Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere in the world, Jewish schools and synagogues are firebombed and cemeteries desecrated. Jewish people, regardless of age or sex, are beaten by neo-Nazi and Islamic extremists.
Now a virulent anti-Semitism is fomenting in the United States. Last December, a coalition of far-left Muslim and Arab groups organized demonstrations in 30 U.S. cities to denounce the Gaza War. More rallies were held in January. The participating groups touted the events as a response to Israel's "massacre of Palestinians." Speeches and placards were rife with slogans such as "Death to the Jews and the State of Israel."
Given the upsurge of Islam in the U.S., a biased, liberal media, and a president who courts Israel's enemies and surrounds himself with anti-Israel cabinet members and advisers, it is only a matter of time until Israel's friend, the United States, joins the infamous ranks of all nations that Zechariah prophesied would stand against the Jewish nation (see Zech. 12:3; 14:2).
As Isaiah the prophet foresaw, Jewish immigrants are flooding home to Israel in record numbers. Soon we will hear his words pronounced in our day: "This place is too small for me; give me a place where I may dwell"(Is. 49:20, NKJV).
Those in the body of Christ who think they understand the times and seasons and yet do not actively stand with Israel and the Jewish people grieve me. They tend to ignore what the Spirit is saying to the church regarding Israel: "Comfort, yes, comfort My people!" (Is. 40:1).
Now is not the time for the church to become apathetic. Old Testament prophets clearly foretold this end-time regathering of the Jews and the church's responsibility to them. Isaiah prophesied that we are to cry out to God day and night until Jerusalem becomes a praise in the earth; that we are to remove the stones and prepare a highway for God's people to return to Him; to declare to them the words of hope, "Surely your Salvation is coming!" (see Is. 62:1,10-11). The end-time church is to be engaged in extending our Lord's heart and hands to His Jewish brethren: proclaiming good news, healing the brokenhearted, setting captives free, comforting those who mourn, declaring the coming of Messiah to a weary and despised people (see Is. 61:1-3). Today I plead with pastors: Adopt a ministry in Israel. Partner with a ministry run by those who live among the Jewish people and know individual families' needs.
I beseech Christians: Give to anointed ministries in Israel that are the Lord's hands extended to His people. No longer give offerings indiscriminately to every cause that has "Israel" or "Jewish" attached to it. Connect directly with the land today!
Obama, Come Take a Walk
A Jewish national perspective by David Ha'ivri
To commemorate my son Hever's Bar Mitzva, I took him and a group of friends to Masada overlooking the Dead Sea in the Judean desert. We camped out by the side of the road just under the mountain so that we could begin our ascent before sunrise and avoid the heavy desert heat of the region. The historic trail twisting up the side of the mountain is named the “snake path” for its winding turns alongside the steep ascent rising 350 meters in elevation from bottom to top. The 45 minute hike to the top is a real challenge even for the physically fit. While walking in the footsteps of the Jewish national heroes who held the last stand against the Romans who overran our country and destroyed our capital and holy Temple in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, a perspective of the Jewish national mission became very clear.
In a recent address by President Obama to the Muslim world in Cairo, he mentioned the right of the Jewish people to have their own state, attributing that right to the suffering of the Jewish People in the Holocaust. Many Israelis were outraged by the statement. "What do you mean, saying our rights to a homeland originate from the ovens of Buchenwald?" They demand.
At footsteps of Masada this became very clear. Our rights to this land date back much farther in history, and are based on heroic national sacrifice more significant than being led like sheep to slaughter. The Jewish zealots of Masada represent the last stand of a mighty war for independence for our nation and land. The exile of our people by the Romans 2000 years ago was no less a national catastrophe then the Shoah in Europe 60 years ago. On the contrary, it was much greater, for our country and national center were smashed, our fearless warriors killed with sword in hand protecting our land and heritage. Jewish survivors were taken hostage and marched in chains to slavery. They vowed to return - and we have.
The heroic end for the 960 warriors of Masada who took their own lives as free men rather then live as slaves is not the end of the the story, nor is it its climax. The true climax of their noble heroism is the renewed independent Jewish State on our historic homeland.
Obama - that is the core issue in the list of our rights to a Jewish State in the land of our fathers, not the holocaust. The holocaust is simply a strong reminder to us that if we do not have our own state, we will be at the mercy of the nations and potential prospects for the ovens of Auschwitz. Climbing up those never ending steps leading up to Masada as the early morning begins to bring in the the day's Dead Sea heat, one can begin to appreciate the effort of the historical Jewish heroes who lived and fought on this mountain after our Holy Jerusalem was destroyed.
But, I ask: Can we blame President Obama alone for this misconception concerning our rights to the land of Israel? Our own leaders share full responsibility for planting the twisted equation of Holocaust and the State of Israel. Every foreign VIP who visits this country is taken first by their Israeli hosts to the Yad V'shem Holocaust museum to share their regret for what was done to us when we were country-less. This inaugurational visit sends a message to our guests “You see - we deserve a state!” And they in turn hold a press conference and say: “I was at Yad V'shem. What was done to the Jews is terrible, they deserve a State”. We fed them the message, they picked up on it, and now we are complaining?
To change this perspective, our leadership must change the reception venue for our VIP guests. International leaders must join ours to physically hike up the snake path to Masada. No, taking the cable car up will not do. Only a step after step climb as the sweat beads on their forehead will enable them to appreciate the message of our national heroes who walked this path - from Eliezer Ben Yair, commander of the Masada fighters who died a proud Jew trying to free Israel from the imperialist Romans, to Yair Stern who died freeing us from the imperialist British.
The reply to Obama's Cairo speech is the message of Masada. Not a threat of our bomb if they bomb us, but rather a message of continuous self sacrifice throughout the ages of Jews for our land. We didn't just leave Israel in the year 73. Jewish warriors went down fighting, and throughout the exile we never gave up hope, never stopped praying "may our eyes behold our return to Zion".
Walking up that mountain will change the perspective of our guests. Only then they will understand our right to the land, and the unbending commitment to fulfilling our mission.
In 1812 BCE, “God said to Abram (Abraham), ‘Lech-lecha’ – Go forth from your native land and from your father’s house to the land that I will show you.  I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you.” (Genesis 12:1-2)  In 1272 BCE (540 years later), after receiving the Torah on Mt.Sinai and spending 40 years in the desert after the exodus from Egypt, the Israelites entered the Promised Land (the land that I will show you).  In 638 CE (1,910 years later), Islam (Mohammed) conquered Jerusalem, which BTW, had been founded by the Jewish people 1,617 years earlier, in 1005 BCE.  Fast forward now to 1964 CE, the year the PLO was founded and staked its claim to land.
The Biblical claim of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel predates that of the PLO by a mere 3,776 years!  And, if “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” then the legal claim of Jewish people is still 3,236 years up on the Palestinians.
BHO in Cairo, and his “2-state solution”, professes some historical equivalency with respect to claims to the Land of Israel.  I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!
In his talk in Cairo, Egypt, Obama spoke of the Holocaust, and the suffering Jews endured.  In practically his next breath, however, he said:
"On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people...have suffered in pursuit of a homeland...."
And, following this observation, he went on to say:
"For decades, there has been a stalemate: two peoples with legitimate aspirations, each with a painful history..."   
This is deeply troubling -- offensive! -- and must be challenged at several levels.
There is, first, the unacceptable moral equivalency of his statement:  The Jews suffered in the Holocaust...the Palestinians suffered the "nakba" -- as if the historical experience of pain of the Palestinians in being "dislocated" is as great as what we endured in the Shoah (Holocaust) when six million died.  
Within this formulation is a libelous implication: That just as we endured the Holocaust, we then brought commensurate suffering on another people.  But I won't go in that direction now.  For there is more that is unacceptable: 
What is also implied in Obama's statement is that we are entitled to a Jewish state BECAUSE there was a Holocaust.  And this too, fits with Palestinian mythology.  See, they say, it is because of the Holocaust that they suffered dislocation -- the Jews who had nowhere to go came here and pushed them out.  Obama doesn't say, as the Palestinians do -- when they lament that they shouldn't have to suffer because of our problems -- that we are not entitled to a state, but his approach leans in this direction.
What Obama misses, when he focuses on the Holocaust as the reason we have a claim to a state, is the entire religious and historical basis for our claim here.
He says not a word about this land as divine Jewish inheritance, and this is critical.  From the time of the Patriarchs, we Jews have been tied to this land.  But the Muslims say today that we have no religious connection here.  They have written us out in their falsified version of things, they have attempted to destroy ancient archeological evidence, and they call this land a Muslim wakf (trust) for eternity.  It has gotten so bad that they call the Kotel (Western Wall) an exclusively Muslim site: the place where Mohammad tied his horse or something.  (Arafat denied there was a Temple on the Mount, ever, and Abbas has made similar statements.)
Make no mistake about it.  The battle for the Land of Israel is at heart a religious battle, not a political one.  By not acknowledging the Jewish connection to the land, Obama has left room for the Arabs to continue to make their claims.
Obama said not a word about our ancient presence here, going back 3,000 years at least:  The City of David, the Temple of Solomon, the Machpelah -- the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and much more, well before there even was Islam. 
And he failed to mention our devotion to the land over the millennia, and our continued presence.
In short, he failed to acknowledge this land as our traditional homeland. 
Beyond all of this, he ignored our modern Zionist history and the legitimacy of our claim to the land that is founded in international law.
It was in 1922 that the League of Nations granted to Great Britain the Mandate for Palestine,which charged Britain with "secur(ing) the establishment of the Jewish national home," which meant, in the words of the Mandate, that Britain was to "facilitate Jewish immigration" and "encourage close settlement by Jews on the land."
Wording in the Mandate was actually drawn directly from the British Balfour Declaration of 1917.  This was a letter that had been written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild, which said, in part: "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object."
This is still a matter of international law that has never been superseded.  The responsibilities born by the League of Nations were assumed by the United Nations.  When the UN General Assembly, in 1947, voted for partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state, this was only a recommendation, as GA resolutions carry no weight in international law.  In any event, the Arabs relinquished all claims by rejecting the recommendation. 
To this day, at the very most, Judea and Samaria, which represent the very heartland of the ancient Jewish presence here, can be said to be unclaimed Mandate land.  By no stretch of the imagination is it a given that this is "Palestinian" land or land which is destined, either morally or legally, to be a Palestinian state.  This is yet another myth that the world has bought.
The Green Line was an armistice line from the end of the War of Independence in 1949 -- it is not the demarcation of our border.  In fact, when Israel and Jordan signed an armistice agreement, written into it was the understanding that future negotiations on a final border for Israel would not be prejudiced by the armistice line.
We are not, by any stretch of the imagination, "occupiers" in Judea and Samaria.  This is land to which we have a most legitimate claim (a claim enhanced by the fact that in modern times we re-acquired it in a defensive war).  Legally, "occupation" occurs only when one sovereign nation moves into the land of another sovereign nation.  This is simply not the case here.
Egypt moved into Gaza, and Jordan into Judea and Samaria, in 1949.  In 1964, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded.  In its charter was a statement that the PLO made no claim against either Egypt or Jordan.  That is, there was no claim that Gaza and Judea and Samaria had to be turned over to the Palestinians for a state.  It was only Israel within the Green Line that was to be "liberated." 
Only after Israel acquired control of Gaza and Judea and Samaria in 1967 did the PLO claim that it had a right to these areas for a state.  But in point of fact, UN Security Council Resolution 242, passed after the Six Day War, does not even mention either the Palestinian people or a Palestinian state. 
It speaks about pullback of Israel from "territories" but not "all territories":  It was never the intention of the framers of this resolution that Israel should return to the Green Line.  Withdrawal from whatever territories would not, in any event, take place until Israel was also provided with respect for her sovereignty and territorial integrity, and her right to live in peace within secure borders was acknowledged.  This was all to be accomplished concurrently.  Under no conditions was Israeli withdrawal conceived of as a precondition, something to be done absent the other stipulations of the resolution.
Israel is absolutely not in non-compliance with the resolution because she hasn't withdrawn from territories.  It was not expected that Israel would move from one inch until secure boundaries for Israelwere accepted by all belligerents. 
There is no legal reason for us to not have settlements in Judea and Samaria. 
Even Oslo in no way restricted our right to these settlements. 
How different this legal reality is from the way the world has come to perceive the situation.  This is information that every Jew and every lover of Israel must possess.
We must publicize the realities of the situation continuously and energetically in every possible forum.  We must speak out, finally, to tell our narrative and claim our rights.
According to news yesterday, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (Yisrael Beitenu) told reporters in Washington, after meetings he held with government officials and members of Congress, that "Israel won't give up on the continuation of construction in settlement blocs.  "Even if it results in a harsh response from the American administration and tension with Washington, it will ultimately dissipate."  
Right on!
Israel's official response after Obama's talk was appropriate and also demonstrated strength:
"The Government of Israel expresses its hope that this important speech in Cairo will indeed lead to a new period of reconciliation between the Arab and Moslem world and Israel.
"We share President Obama's hope that the American effort heralds the beginning of a new era that will bring about an end to the conflict and lead to Arab recognition of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, living in peace and security in the Middle East.
"Israel is committed to peace and will make every effort to expand the circle of peace while protecting its interests, especially its national security."
 "The Sign of The Goat"
(The Goatee)
Am I imagining it, or is there an ever-increasing propensity among American males to sport a "goatee" style of beard? You know the look. Clean shaven face, and sometimes upper lip too, with a growth of hair only on the chin area, sometimes short, sometimes lengthy. 

At the church that I was attending during the mid- to late 1990's, it occurred to me one day that wow!, about half of the young men there had recently grown goatees and seemed to have some sort of "camaraderie" that the rest of us were left out of. I know it appears to be a "style" that some people want to sport for some reason or another, but let me tell you what I see when I see a goatee.

This style is named "goatee" because it resembles the "beard" on a goat. It looks very similar indeed to a goat's beard, especially the longer ones. Here is the problem...

Almost every painting or image of Satan depicts him with a goatee-like beard. This is his sign, the "Sign of the Devil", and is applied to him for a good reason. Yahshua (Jesus) said metaphorically that when He returns, He will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep will be put at His right hand, but the goats will be put at His left hand. This is the "Great Separation", and of course we all hope that we will be with the sheep, not with the goats! You know where they are ending up!

Have our good Christian men been deceived into unwittingly giving credence to that adversary of old by taking on the "family look" that he sports?

So I have to ask, "Why would anyone want to look like a goat?"

Tom Robbins

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